Student Job&Internship in Medicine and Health Care

The usual health internships for undergraduates are far from a regular summer job; it is represented by a thoroughly developed program, which aim is to offer to former students the first-hand experience of medical environment, to gain insights into research activity and to develop important connections with medical scientists and professionals of this field. Internship is a great alternative for a regular work for students, as it allows making the first steps to successful career in the corresponding field of action!

NHS is a name of a company which cannot be unfamiliar to any man in England who cares about his health. It’s also well known to intern doctors who are looking where to start their career. NHS is the abbreviation to the National Health Service and explains the main aims of the organization. Improving health care is its most important mission. …

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How to apply for internship?

The success of the health internships for students is strongly determined by the correct choice of the institution, that’s why the most important is to analyse the list of offers and to find the best one. Many institutions all over UK offer their own summer health internship program, which is available for students from different cities or other countries. Thus, the choice is limited only by the students’ personal priorities.

The application form differs due to the institution’s policy, but there are common basic requirements to become a hospital intern:

– CV, including current GPA, sometimes a TOEFL/IELTS score.

– a brief summary, which includes the name of the PI/lab, the student’s research interests and introduction; the aim is to give all necessary information, the possible hospital interns consider important, in nearly 300 words.

– a letter of support, written by a supervisor, which also confirms class ranking; to increase the chances to get a place of intern in hospital the students can add recommendations from well-known professors or scientists.

Conditions of Health Care Internships for students

The variety of undergraduate health internships allows finding a proper institution almost for every student, but there are generally established conditions, which increases the number of available pre health internships.

– usually to intern hospital the students are supposed to apply to undertake doctoral-level research within certain themes of research.

– the students should pay attention to funding; there are free or paid health internships, including an opportunity to get a special scholarship for gifted students.

– the best opportunities are available for UK students, though there are some internship offers for foreign students from certain countries; in this case the students should have relevant qualification, required documents and fluent English.

– selection criteria, which increase the chances to get interning at a hospital, are excellent GPA, corresponding job experience and good application.

What advantages does work as intern in Health Care and Medicine give

To become an intern at a hospital means not only to spend several months with profit or work side by side with outstanding specialists, it is also a great opportunity for student work placement. Internship is much better than regular students working opportunities, as it offers relevant job experience at the best institution, which makes the student’s CV more attractive and provides him with important skills within specially developed programs. The successful internship gives the students an opportunity to introduce their professional level and even to get pre intern doctors jobs or other offers of work placement for students.